5 Ways to Repay Your Gold Loan

Gold ornaments are more than just jewelry. They are a type of backup that can help you out of difficult financial situations. You can borrow money from your gold jewelry in one of the quickest and simplest ways possible. Gold Loans are loans that you can obtain by pledging your gold jewelry to a lender. Flexible repayment options are available with gold loans. Depending on your needs and financial situation, you can opt to pay in bullet payments, part payments, or EMIs. However, the secret to enjoying a comfortable loan tenure is comprehending these payment methods. Here are further specifics:

Equated Monthly Installments

The most popular way to pay back any type of loan is through equated monthly installments or EMIs. Choosing EMIs is another option for repaying a gold loan. If you have a steady source of money, this is best for you. To get the precise amount to be paid as EMIs, use a gold loan EMI calculator. People who choose to pay back their gold loans using EMIs have a reliable monthly income. Your EMIs can be modified to suit your preferences. Following the disbursement of the gold loan, the principal and interest installments as EMIs would begin. You might manage your costs and comprehend your EMIs much better if you used a gold loan EMI calculator. 

Bullet repayment

When using the Bullet Repayment method, you must pay back the entire loan balance, including the principal and interest at the end of the loan’s term. During the loan term, there is no requirement to pay principal and interest.  Just make one payment once your debt is paid off. This kind of gold loan does not require EMI payments; instead, you just pay the entire balance in one lump sum at the end of the period, giving rise to the name “bullet repayment.” Additionally, this repayment method calculates interest each month; nevertheless, it is only necessary to pay it (together with the principal repayment) at the end of the period.

Monthly payment of interest

With a little exception, the monthly payment structure of a loan on gold is similar to an EMI. With this approach, you just pay interest that has accumulated on the principal amount each month. The principal is paid at the end of the gold loan term rather than on a monthly basis. Use the gold loan repayment calculator to determine the monthly interest payment. You can be certain that you won’t miss a single payment this way. Borrowers with modest incomes or those without regular monthly income can also choose this repayment option.

Partial payments

Make partial payments of both interest and principal amounts as and when you wish. In this type of gold loan repayment schedule, conforming to the EMI schedule is not crucial. For customers of gold loans, this is definitely a customer-centric strategy. Regardless of the predetermined EMI schedule, partial or even full payment of both the interest and principal components is permitted. Your total interest payment, which is typically determined daily based on the amount of the loan outstanding, will inevitably decrease if you pay off your principal first. You can avoid paying a lot of serviceable interest this way.


Paying down the entire loan balance before the loan term expires is referred to as foreclosure. Pre-closure payments are another way to pay back a loan against gold. You can pay off your entire loan amount before the due date. The interest and overall cost of the loan are reduced by this form of repayment. The interest rate for the remainder of the loan term is decreased if you pay the whole amount upfront. For instance, you might easily pay off your gold loan and take your gold home right away if you come into money during your term. 

The majority of gold loans do not have prepayment penalties or a minimum lock-in term, so you can prepay them whenever you like. Short repayment terms apply to gold loans, with the majority having terms of little more than five years and an average term of no more than one year. In summary, paying back your gold loan doesn’t have to be a difficult effort. Select the most convenient mode of gold loan repayment to avoid hassles. 

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