7 Key Services Available At Gynecology Hospital

A gynecologist is one such specialist who can help in solving all problems related to the female organs, including the uterus, ovaries, and vagina. Unfortunately, even the healthiest and fittest women can experience gynecologic issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a gynecologist you trust and know where to go for care when needed. 

Prevention is the best treatment. Put simply; gynecological conditions can be managed at home by taking care of your body. However, there are times when you need to visit a doctor or a specialist for a detailed diagnosis and treatment. Going to a gynecology hospital is beneficial not only for emergency situations but also in cases where one needs to get diagnostic tests done. In such a case, the hospital you chose must be equipped with advanced equipment and labs to conduct tests effectively. Many gynecology hospitals in Mohali, such as Cheema medical complex, Max hospital, IVY, Cloud9, provide elite services to the patients. 

It is imperative to find a clinic or hospital that provides every facility under one roof when it comes to gyne treatment. Here is the list of seven significant services that you should look for in a gynecology hospital.

Diagnostic Services

A gynecologist usually refers the patient to diagnostic centers for lab tests and other investigations. In such cases, patients have to stress about finding reliable diagnostic centers, booking appointments, and visiting them. There are times when the gynecologist wants to conduct an investigation immediately. It would be better to choose a hospital that has its own diagnostic facilities in such cases. This will save time, and one can get all tests done without leaving the hospital premises.

Gynecologists can prescribe medicines after diagnosis and also provide good treatment plans. At times, they may refer the patient to a diagnostic center or lab just outside the hospital’s premises. Having their own diagnostic center will help their patients get their reports instantly.

Availability Of Medicines

One must also ensure that the gynecology hospital has all the necessary medicines available, especially if it needs to treat patients with life-threatening conditions such as ectopic pregnancy. A good hospital also has an emergency ward where any emergency can be handled effectively by experienced and trained medical professionals.

Operation Theater

This facility is vital, especially if the patient needs immediate surgery. The best gynecology hospitals have state-of-the-art operation theaters equipped with the latest surgical instruments and equipment.

X-Ray, CT Scan And MRI

 A complete diagnosis of the problem needs all these tests. Most of the time, a doctor will be able to diagnose the problem after an MRI or CT scan. However, if the problem persists, an X-Ray may be required to identify the problem or disease in your body.


An ultrasound is performed on pregnant women to check the condition of their fetus. It helps doctors determine how many weeks pregnant she is and if the fetus has any abnormalities. A gynecologist may also recommend an ultrasound test before and after treatment to check if everything is going according to plan and if there are any complications.

Laboratory Services

Gynecology hospitals must have advanced laboratories that can conduct tests like urinalysis, blood tests, and various other tests. These tests can help a doctor determine whether there’s an infection in any part of your system and how it can be treated effectively with medication.

Ambulance Service:

If you are undergoing surgery or need emergency attention, the hospital should have an ambulance service that can transport you quickly from one place to another without much delay.

In Final Words-:

While seeking treatment for gynecological problems, it is also essential to visit a gynecologist who can help understand the disease and treatment plan to prevent further complications. There are several gynecologist hospitals in Mohali providing quality services for women. However, choosing the best gynecologist hospital is not a simple task. It needs the right information, which can be provided by looking at their clinical rating, extensive medical experience, and patient testimony.

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