9 Interesting Facts About Balloons You Didn’t Know

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing balloons is the brightness it adds to our birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and baby showers, etc. All over the world, balloons are a symbol of spreading happiness, love, and joy. The love of balloons worldwide has made all online shopping platforms an epicenter to easily find the best birthday balloons online, making it effortless for you to embellish your homes beautifully with vibrant balloons. This blog has covered all the interesting and fun facts about balloons you might not have heard about. 

Some interesting facts about balloons you didn’t know

Ancient Chinese invented the first ancient balloons

In 220 AD, an ancient Chinese invented gas lanterns to signal messages for a military operation. They used fire to light at the base of the lantern. The smoke from the fire helped the balloon to float in the air. Though it was not a fancy balloon, this marks the beginning of hot air balloons. These lanterns were known as kong ming lanterns. A lantern created to support military operations later became a worldwide phenomenon to celebrate happiness worldwide. Even today, people light lanterns in the air at various festivals.

Michael Faraday gave birth to the famous rubber balloons

In 1824, Michael Faraday, a scientist, invented the first rubber balloon. The interesting part is how he created them. First, he cut two sheets of rubber, sealing their edges together by pressing them. Later, he filled the big bag of rubber sheets with gas, and it started to expand. Further, the expansion caused the balloon to become transparent and float in the air. Though he created them to use in the laboratory, he didn’t know what a big contribution he made to the world of celebrations and festivities. Even today, they are the best balloons for birthday to buy.

The start of hot air ballooning started in 1783

If you love taking a flight high up in the skies on a hot air balloon, then this fact might sound fun to you. In 1783, Joseph and Montgolfier, the two brothers, in France built the first-ever hot-air balloon. The balloon of cotton canvas and paper glued on both sides with a weight of 400 kilograms. At first, they used animals as passengers to avoid risks. Moreover, the balloon flew successfully for about 20 minutes without crashing. The execution of the whole process took place in the royal court of Louis 16 in Paris. Later, it became an astonishing sight for everyone. It was the first time hot air balloons came into life.

The air in a balloon is at higher pressure causing the pop sound of the balloon

It is fun to pop the balloon with a needle, isn’t it? However, you might not know that the air in the balloon is at a higher pressure than the surroundings. Hence, when we stick a pin on a balloon, it causes the balloon to burst and make a pop-up sound. Upon bursting, the air in the balloon expands at a very fast rate which causes contraction in the skin of the balloon. Hence, it leaves a popping sound at the end. So, if you miss the fun of popping balloons on your birthday, consider buying the best birthday balloons online.

Balloons are useful in medicine too

Folks will be surprised to hear that balloons also have a history with medicine. For example, there are medical balloons that surgeons use to perform cardiovascular surgeries. This process involves opening the blocked arteries or opening shrunk arteries. It is known as the procedure of angioplasty.

Balloons were a part of world war

You will be surprised to know that during the time of world war 1, balloons played a major role. All the military troops executed the observation of their enemy camps with the help of observation balloons. In addition, all the major combatants used these observation balloons for information and intelligence gathering. This aerial mode of keeping eyes on their enemies became a sensation among the intelligence and military troops in various countries. 

Helium balloons can travel in space also 

In 1985, the Russian Space Investigation launched a helium balloon into Venus’s atmosphere. This space operation was called Vega 1 and became a successful mission. The balloon floated for about 33 miles in space. Moreover, it began transmitting across 300 million miles to monitor radio telescopes worldwide. The balloons became a fascinating object for science after that, as balloons launched many space missions.

Latex balloons are the first balloons that are completely biodegradable

For the first time in 1847, rubber latex balloons were highly elastic. Thomas Hancock was the first person who sold a DIY balloon kit with a condensing syringe and rubber solution. These eco-friendly balloons break down naturally in air and sunlight. Moreover, they are very affordable to buy. In addition, these balloons shatter at the height of nearly 26,000 feet. Surprising, right? So, if you want to buy ideal balloons for birthday, you can consider latex balloons.

America is the first manufacturer of silver metalized balloons

In the 1970s, New York became the first manufacturer to make silver metallic balloons. They were commonly known as today’s famous party balloons. Moreover, the history of experimentation with recreational balloons in America is quite old. In 1912, they continued making balloons for amusement purposes with foil and rubber as the main ingredient. But in 1970 came a blooming period for foil balloons. They are an exemplary idea of what a party balloon should be like. 


These fun facts about balloons must have made you ponder how an invention can lead to some interesting events. They may seem like recreational mediums, but they weren’t always like this. They have gone through a huge circle of ups and downs. Moreover, their contribution to science and medicine is terrific. Today, we cannot imagine our celebrations without a cheerful balloon decoration. They surely deserve a salute for being our best friends in times of joy and laughter. Balloons are truly an exceptional blessing for mankind indeed. 

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