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Fastsave is an iOS and Android app that downloads photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. It includes all the functionality you need to save and repost social network content in addition to supporting different languages and operating systems, including macOS.

You can secure the app by giving it a passcode, which is a fantastic feature. It also features light and dark modes for convenience. The best part is that it is totally free!


Facebook has significantly increased its emphasis on videos, creating platforms like Facebook Watch for them. Of course, the platform’s video material has increasingly become of higher quality. The procedure is precisely the same as on other social networking sites if you wish to watch such movies offline.

Just like you can trust YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, you can trust a lot of websites like FB Video Downloader or FB Down Download videos.

You can upload videos to your computer by copying the URL of the video from the main Facebook app or Facebook page and pasting it into a downloader.

Download twitter videos

The top Twitter video downloader website, Twitter Video Download, makes it simple and quick to download videos from Twitter. Moreover, it can download GIFs from Twitter.

In order to provide videos or GIFs with download links, this website uses technology that scans the video and GIF addresses.

It is absolutely free to use and has an intuitive UI that makes it simple for everyone to use. Any operating system-compatible tablet, laptop, smartphone, and computer can access it.

To download Twitter videos and GIFs, copy the video or GIF address from the Twitter website and paste it on our page. Then, a Twitter video or GIF with download options for various video resolutions will be displayed after clicking the download symbol button. Before pressing the download button, you can watch the video or GIF.

The video or GIF will be downloaded once you click or press the Download button in the quality you wish to download it in and saved on your device.

Pure All Video Downloader

With the help of the versatile Android app Pure All Video Downloader, you can download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and other video hosting services in any format and resolution.

One of its distinguishing characteristics is that you may select the video resolution of your downloads, ranging from 480p and 720p to the highest definition. If you only want to download the audio from a video, you can convert the video using a built-in function to MP3.

4k downloader

Go to the 4K Video Downloader website and click the blue Download button that is appropriate for your computer’s operating system under the headline 4K Video Downloader. Ubuntu, MacOS 10.13 or later, Windows, and this program are all supported. To install the software on your computer, launch the installer after it has finished downloading.

Don’t let the moniker scare you away if you don’t have a 4K monitor. It will function with all of your files regardless of the display resolution on your computer, making it one of the most flexible and user-friendly download programs available. The free edition of this program allows you to download individual videos in resolutions up to 4K, supports 3D and 360-degree videos, and allows you to download subtitles.

Social Downloader

With just one click, you can quickly and effortlessly download photos and videos from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with the simple tool Social Downloader.

While the aforementioned three programs benefit greatly from this lightweight application, there isn’t much fluff in terms of extra glitzy features. Thus, Social Download should be given a try if you’re searching for a simple program that gets the job done.

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