Calamari Rings Made Recipe

Calamari Rings recipe are a favorite side dish in bars all around the USA. The reason being its exquisite taste, texture and flavor, that goes well with almost everything. We do not know anyone who does not order Calamari rings when in a bar. In this article, we will share the history as well as the easiest and quickest Calamari rings recipe.

 So, when you have your next hi-tea planned, or upcoming movie night, you do not have to worry over snacks. Moreover, pair the delicious Calamari Rings with Dingolay Hot Sauces, and believe us when we say that after having them with Dingolay Hot Sauces, you will never have them any other way.

History of Calamari Rings

Asian countries are most known for dredging calamari rings or squid mantle cut into rings, in spicy batter. From there, this recipe reached the USA. Initially, only the privileged class had access to this dish.

As the dish was publicized and the lower class was made aware of the dish, it gained popularity throughout the USA. Today, no bar in the USA exists that does not serve Calamari Rings.

Recipe of Calamari rings

Calamari rings are one of the easiest to prepare. It takes very basic and easily available ingredients, as well as consumes very less time. Follow our easiest and quickest calamari rings recipe and get ready to have the time of your life.

Instructions to Prepare Calamari Rings

  • It does not take long to prepare the batter for Calamari Rings so before getting the batter ready it is important to wash the rings and let them sit in a strainer so the extra water drains out.
  • Now start preparing the batter. To prepare the batter, take one cup of all purpose flour and pour it on a plate. Add a pinch of black pepper powder to it as well, so it may taste better. Then in another bowl, beat two eggs and add salt. Then mix them well. To make them crispier, in a third bowl take bread crumbs and add dried rosemary and thyme to enhance its flavor and aroma. Also, we love to make our own bread crumbs. Take two slices of bread and blend them to crumbs in a blender.
  • As the batter is done. Take the calamari rings, ½ inch wide, and roll them one by one, firstly in the all purpose flour, then beaten eggs, and lastly in the crumbs.
  • Since, the batter comes off quite easily when we fry the rings. The foolproof way is to let them sit in the fridge for approximately thirty minutes.
  • After the said time, take the rings out and start heating up vegetable oil in a deep frying pan. You can deep fry, or shallow fry the calamari rings, even you can air-fry Calamari rings. They taste heavenly in all shapes and sizes.
  • Anyways, when the oil has heated up, start putting the rings in it on medium high flame. Fry each side no more than one and half minutes. Meaning, each ring will take three minutes on the whole. Do not let them fry more than that or they will taste rubbery other than crispy.
  • Dish them out on a tissue paper spread on a plate and let it absorb the excess oil. If you want to make them look ever appetizing, garnish with cilantro, dried thyme and oregano, green chilies or green onions. Exhibit your artistic side with your food and make it presentable.
  • Lastly, serve them with French fries, popcorns, and Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauces.

Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce

Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauces are prepared with natural ingredients. These ingredients include ripened exotic Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers, mangoes and pineapples, garlic infused pickled carrots, special herbs and spices that make one of a kind.

Also, you can have them with peace of mind, because they are vegan friendly and gluten free so you may have them anywhere, anytime, and pair them with any food. Calamari rings especially taste heavenly with Dingolay Hot Sauces, because they are available in three different flavors, and each flavor develops an exquisite taste for Calamari Rings.

Moreover, these sauces are available in four exquisite flavors. Original Dingolay gourmet Hot Sauce, Mango Tropical Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce, Pineapple Tropical dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce and Scorpion Dance Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce. All these flavors are adamant to make your food taste heavenly and do not overpower the natural flavor of the food, in fact, just to enhance those flavors that make you a fan of dingolay Hot Sauce.

Try our easiest Calamari rings recipe at home, and pair with Dingolay Gourmet Hot Sauce. This combination will make sure that you do not have them in any other way.

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