How SMS Marketing Can Help Improve Your Website Traffic

Today, mobile marketing is a significant component of advertising campaigns. It enables companies to transmit customized, time- and location-sensitive information to clients while they are on the go. However, many businesses aren’t taking use of SMS marketing to its full potential. SMS marketing, when done correctly, may help enhance online traffic. Let’s have a look at the SMS use case for improving website traffic.

Why is SMS marketing so crucial?

First, let us review the significance of SMS gateway. Messaging is the most popular mode of communication on the planet. Let’s look at the stats to see how effective SMS marketing is:

  • Text messages are opened 98% of the time. 
  • More than 4.2 billion individuals globally text.
  • SMS is the most widely utilized data service on the planet. 
  • Over the previous decade, the volume of SMS messages exchanged monthly risen by more than 7,700%. 
  • Globally, 6 billion SMS messages are sent each day, over 180 billion are sent each month, and 2.27 trillion are delivered each year. 

With these data, it is clear that SMS is a weapon that should not be overlooked. It should be utilized for much more than merely conveying information. So, consider our SMS use case.

SMS Use Case: How may SMS marketing be used to enhance site traffic?

Provide time-limited discounts or coupons

One of the primary reasons consumers sign up for SMS alerts is to get discounts and coupons. Send a message to your subscribers with a link to a promotional landing page. They may get information about your marketing there. Your audience will be more inclined to act if you make your offerings time-sensitive.

Even if your clients do not take advantage of your deal, they may still browse. As a consequence, your website’s engagement will grow. This will also help you stay top-of-mind and give value.

After a consumer fills out a form, follow up with them

A text message is an excellent method to confirm receipt of form submission. You may follow up with an appropriate link that leads back to your website based on the form your buyer filled out. For example, if they filled out a quotation request form, you may redirect them to a FAQ page. This might include information on how long it typically takes your firm to prepare an estimate, what it will include, and other key details.

This is a terrific opportunity for you to be proactive while providing good service. Even before you have the opportunity to physically contact your consumer, you have already provided a means for them to get useful information. You’ll also demonstrate that your website is a valuable resource for them, which may motivate them to bookmark or return to it in the future.

Inform your consumers about available files or resources

If you’ve spent time and effort creating digital content, SMS is an excellent method to ensure that your target audience sees it. You may, for example, provide your customers updates on blogs, white papers, videos, and other stuff. Include a link that will take readers straight to the material.

You may even tailor the information depending on their interests to make this method even more effective. If your website analytics and CRM include useful information about your consumers, this is an excellent opportunity to put it to use. Send customized SMS messages based on the material most relevant to their purchase or browsing history.

Obtain recommendations through SMS

An SMS referral scheme is an excellent approach to increasing site traffic. Provide rewards to your clients for recommending their friends and family to your website. You may set up tracking to see how many people came from the link they shared. Then, depending on the number of individuals who are recommended, provide points or discounts.

This is also an excellent technique to get new visitors and enhance site traffic. Most businesses want to see new users in their statistics. They provide fresh prospects and indicate that your target audience is expanding. A referral program is an excellent approach to boosting your online profile and getting new consumers.

Send forth entertaining and engaging links

You may attract clients by creating amusing and engaging content. Send an SMS to your consumers, for example, with a link to quizzes and competitions. This can assist maintain your business top-of-mind while also allowing you to communicate with your consumers in a fun manner.

Consider running competitions to draw even more traffic. Contests in which your clients can participate for a chance to win can help you improve the number of visits to your website.

Increasing visits via SMS: Choosing the Right Partner – Guni

When it comes to SMS marketing, you must work with a reputable service. Guni makes it simpler than ever to communicate with your customers. We provide dependable and scalable messaging services that you can rely on day after day.

More reasons to choose Guni for your SMS use case: 

Our unparalleled personalization options allow you to easily create a campaign that is uniquely your own Our segmentation options allow you to create highly relevant audiences for each communication Unlimited contacts: unlike other platforms.

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