How to Strategically Grow Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy with SMS & MMS Marketing

Over six billion people now use mobile phones, and in the next years, that number is expected to increase by several hundred million. More smartphone ownership translates into more mobile purchases, which expands the market share for mobile marketing.

Investing in an SMS marketing strategy will help you get better outcomes because even the eCommerce sector is expanding more quickly than ever.

With a 98 percent open rate, SMS is clearly one of the most efficient and dependable messaging. While SMS messages have a 160 number of characters and must be clean and succinct to be effective, make the most of it.

When the SMS content is appropriate, it can effectively capture clients’ interest and make them take actions.

The aforementioned data make it clear that texting should be used for all business communications in the eCommerce sector. SMS marketing is effective for internal operations, marketing, and even customer service. True commodity inquiries and updates for flash sales can be sent by SMS.

6 Methods for Increasing Your eCommerce Sales with SMS Marketing

1) Welcoming message: 

Since “You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impact,” it is essential to create a good impression with the welcoming communications.

They should be able to identify you right away for any SMS campaigns to be successful. When you reach out to your consumer, write a personalised introductory message for them that can be helpful.

Once a customer has been on boarded, you may send them exclusive offers, no-cost downloads, coupon codes, and much more to increase their future value.

2) Sale confirmations: 

An internet company might send SMS purchase updates to strengthen consumer interactions. With a tracking code link integrated in the message, brands can update customers on orders that have been accepted, dispatched, and fulfilled.

That allows them access to their order status and keeps them updated on the progress of delivery. Consumers want businesses to provide them with directly important, accurate updates, and these updates can undoubtedly improve the customer experience.

3) Offers with a finite shelf life:

To generate a sense of urgency during flash sales, seasoned, deal of the day, or time-based promotions, eCommerce firms can send out SMS marketing campaigns.

The language of the message should include the website link and the time of the sale in addition to the link. For example, the company should deliver a notice before the sale begins if the bargain of the day begins at 10 am and finishes in two hours. You can send a special, tailored offer to a consumer on their birthday to encourage them to purchase.

4) Update on shop desertion: 

One of the main problems that internet brands encounter throughout the purchasing process is the typical rate of cart alienation, which is often between 60 and 70 percent.

Customers may quit their shopping carts for a variety of reasons, including pricey shipping, a drawn-out checkout procedure, and others.

eCommerce businesses can send SMS reminders to clients to encourage them to buy items that are currently in their shopping carts. For instance, brands can notify customers when a product’s price drops so that they don’t pass up the chance to save money and are more likely to make a purchase.

5) Comment comments: 

Consumers appreciate the high caliber of service you offer. Customer and consumer surveys, which are essential for every business, are also included in reply upgrades. As people can express their opinions about the products right away, it is one of the simplest ways to obtain client feedback. Companies can ‘s adhere to proposed adjustments and new tactics due to the accelerated pace of input.

6) The promotional text:

You must be knowledgeable about incentives, notably discounts, if you own an e-commerce company.

Discounted promotions don’t necessarily convert just because they’re popular. It is not as simple as adding 10% off and pressing send. Make sure they aren’t spammy before you use them.

Here have been three methods for interacting with customers through text texts offering discounted rates:

  • anti – avoidance lengthy URLs and arbitrary links: A list of links is the ultimate spam indicator. Send a single, distinct text or email to the homepage of your store instead. Take note of the direct link to Lulu’s online store in the URL text.
  • Let people opt out whenever they want:
  • SMS customers should never feel forced to continue receiving your SMS alerts, whether you text STOP or include an opt-out link.

Complement email marketing with SMS messaging:

However, this does not imply that you should abandon email campaigns. In actuality, SMS and email marketing make fantastic companions!

Within your email funnels in Guni, you can send customized Bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Consumers can interact with your brand in many ways in this fashion. So we don’t need to do the additional effort! By including a two-in-one opt-in form to your online business, you can promote Text or mail as well.

The advantages of Messaging are enormous, and it’s a great way to interact with business audience.

It is crucial for internet firms since clients can quickly and easily make purchases by tapping a link. Now is your chance to develop an effective SMS strategy which increases conversions and improves your rapport with clients.

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