Things To Do On The Moving Day For A Local House Shifting

Congratulations! You are shifting from your current house to a beautiful new abode which is located nearby and is just like you had imagined it to be. Now, that you have found the perfect house and planned out the entire house shifting through packers and movers, you feel much relieved as of now. But should you feel free from all the responsibilities or is there something else that you haven’t yet figured out? There are a few things to do on a moving day for a local house shifting; keep reading to know more.

House shifting is an elaborate and chaotic activity. You need to plan things out in advance. Even after a lot of planning and preparation, there are a lot of tasks that we miss out on. The easiest way to avoid such negligence is to create a checklist for the entire moving procedure. In this article, we will specifically discuss the things to do on a moving day for a local house shifting. If you follow the subsequent tips, your local house shifting will end in a perfect manner. So, let’s binge into them.

Get up early in the morning

Even if you plan to start your move after sunset and have everything planned, you should get up early in the morning on a moving day. You have to prep up yourself before the arrival of the movers and packers. There is no point in waking up late and fidgeting later because of being unprepared as the packers and movers arrive at your place.

Pack an overnight box

Out of all the preparations before the arrival of the movers and packers, packing an overnight box is the most essential one. An overnight box contains all the essentials that you will require to put you through the first day at your new house. A fresh set of clothing, bedspread, towel, undergarments, and basic toiletries along with a set of disposable cutleries and your dental kit should be packed in your overnight box. An overnight box doesn’t necessarily have to be a box; it can be a tote bag or a suitcase as well. Make sure that you carry it in your vehicle as you move to your new house.

Pack the valuable items

This is another point similar to the last point but it is regarding the valuable items in your household. Before the packers and movers come to your place, you should pick out the valuable items from the household and keep them away under your protection. Things like your precious pieces of jewellery, expensive watches, high-end gadgets, confidential documents, etc. should be packed by you in a distinct bag. Do not discuss this bag with the moving team. Carry it in a personal vehicle and not in the moving truck.

Host the packers and movers

As the packers and movers arrive at your place, you should greet them and show them around the house. Show them the rooms and the furniture and appliances; especially the bigger pieces which should be dismantled to move. Be clear about your preferences regarding some of the items that require special care like the brittle and sensitive ones. Show them the bathroom and the wash basin so that they can wash their hands before meals and even otherwise. Keep a soap dispenser and some paper towels to help them in the process.

Keep a few bottles of water and show them the water dispenser so that they can refill water whenever required. Also, provide them with some basic refreshments like tea or coffee. During lunchtime, give them out some extra money to buy lunch.

Supervise the packing process

As the packers and movers in Adyar, Chennai start with the packing activity, be present to supervise the entire process and to answer their doubts if any.

Direct the loading process

After the completion of packing, the movers and packers will start loading the goods on the moving vehicle. You might have to make redundant visits to the moving van outside and come back inside for directing the loading process. Ensure that the packers and movers have your mobile number so that they call and enquire about things even if you are not present there.

Final check                                                                                              

As the boxes get loaded into the moving vehicle, you should go inside and check everything once at the end of the day. Check if anything got left out in the drawers, cabinets, wardrobes, and racks of every room in the house.

Start your move

After a thorough checking of the interiors, you should start your journey. Make sure that your moving vehicle starts as you start the move. This way you can guide them to your new house. As you are travelling in a personal vehicle, carry the bag containing the valuables and the overnight box with you. You will reach your new place along with the moving vehicle.

Instruct the packers and movers

As the moving vehicle reaches your new place, instruct them to park it in the right place. Go inside the house and switch on the lights and make way for the unloading process. Ask the moving team to keep the boxes in their respective rooms. After the unloading gets over, you can order some snacks from the nearby outlet and treat your moving team as a thankful gesture. You can also tip them if you like. At the end of the day, show them gratitude for their hard work and make them feel good before you bid them goodbye.

Unpack the overnight box

When the packers and movers depart from your new home, you should unpack the overnight box containing the essentials. Unpack the mattress and spread the bedspread over it. Take a bath and rejuvenate yourself. Wear fresh clothes and spend some quality time with your family. During dinnertime, order some food from the takeaway food joint in your new neighbourhood. Have a sound sleep at the end of the exhausting day.

The Epilogue

Moving day can become a nightmare if you do not plan things. Proper planning and execution can make your local house shifting experience easy as a breeze. You should hire genuine, competent, and experienced packers and movers for the same. The aforementioned 11 things to do on a moving day for a local house shifting will help you for sure. I wish you a planned and peaceful move!

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