Why You Need To Hire A Security Guard To Secure Your Premises

Secured property in 2012, there were over 2.1 million burglaries reported in the United States. According to the FBI, the number of burglaries occurs every fifteen seconds, making it much easier for burglars to get into.

However, before you start your security systems, take an in-depth look at your house. Simple, low-cost, or expensive measures can deter thieves from looking at your home.

“The purpose of home security is to prevent burglars. So you always need an independent security guard from a security company in Calgary.

A List Security is the most trusted security guard company based in Calgary. We have thousands of satisfied clients and our recurring clients always prefer us to have security services. We provide construction site security, mobile patrol guards, commercial building security, condo security etc.

Pick a weekend to implement these strategies, such as job savings, free employment, and engagement programs to bargain deals to enhance the security in your house.

1: Get A Family Gathering

Enhance security at home with security guards and ask everyone in the family, even children, to come together on a plan of action that will consist of these guidelines:

Utilize the door and window locks. It’s free and requires the least amount of energy. It is a good idea to lock all windows and doors before you leave, after you return, and before you go to bed.

Don’t open the door to anyone who isn’t invited or not welcome. Close and secure the garage door. Protect your home as you work in the house and the yard.

Make sure you have an alarm system, regardless of whether you’re traveling quickly to the shop or your next neighbor. (Learn about the most critical security procedures for insurance contracts.)

2: Emergency Call Or Police

A lot of local police departments provide no-cost home visits. Police officers will visit your house and suggest minor, affordable fixes to ensure security.

Beyond that, contact the security guards service in the Bay Area for special home protection.

3: Create A Scheme To Steal

Here’s a fun and rewarding activity for you and your neighbor or trusted friend: When your neighbor wanders through your home for three minutes, look for as many valuable items as possible and get them off your property.

Let fake thieves demonstrate how easy it is to locate something useful. They can then hide it from real thieves.

This could mean purchasing less storage space, leasing storage spaces that are not on-site, or even storing valuables and jewelry in the wrong spot. It is possible to give your neighbors back.

4: Unlock From The “Hidden” Home Key

The key is in the lock, inside the mailbox, or under the stone – everybody is hiding the key to the house. The issue is that thieves know where you’re hiding. Could you give it to a trusted friend?

5: Put Your Keys And Garage Remote In A Safe Location

Don’t leave your keys in the car using eye controls close to the door or be visible inside. Please keep them in a drawer or cabinet to keep them safe.

Be sure to hire mobile security guards to provide mobile security in Calgary to minimize your security risk.

6: Include Security Signs

Security Office signs or window stickers at every entrance, regardless of whether you’ve got security systems or not.

Perhaps you have a stamped sticker from a previous agreement with a security company, or you can request the same from an acquaintance.

Also, you can put the words “caution for dogs” in the area you can see, like on the front of your house or by the back of the door.

7: Secure The Ladder

Don’t store ladders on the outside. Robbers, possibly contractors or artisans, might use it to access secondary doors or balcony windows.

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